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Should We Travel During an Outbreak?

This is the big question, and we can answer it in two parts. 

The first is considering a normal flu season. Annual influenza outbreaks occur every winter, and operations like Whitecastle Tours do not suspend operations, nor do resorts like the casinos we provide bus tours to. 

During a normal flu season, if you’re sick or have recently been sick, we don’t recommend traveling. Obviously, you don’t want to infect your fellow travelers. 

But in the spring of 2020, we are not dealing with a normal flu season. 

Travel During the COVID-19 Outbreak 

As of this writing in the spring of 2020, the Coronavirus, specifically COVID-19, is wreaking havoc throughout the travel industry. 

At Whitecastle Tours Inc., the safety of our passengers is always the top priority. At this time we are still running limited services, but like most travel companies, we’ve experienced a large number of cancelations.  

The truth of the matter is that until this outbreak runs its course, there is little we can do other than wait. The proximity of passengers on a charter bus is problematic with something as contagious as COVID-19, but that’s actually beside the point. 

The larger issue right now is that there isn’t anywhere to take people by bus charter. Sporting events are being canceled. The NBA suspended their season. Entertainers are canceling concert tours.

And casinos are closing down. The major resorts in Vegas are temporarily shutting down, as are most across the country. CEO of MGM Jim Murren sums up the situation: 

“Despite our commitment to dedicating additional resources for cleaning and promoting good health, while making difficult decisions to close certain aspects of our operations, it is now apparent that this is a public health crisis that requires major collective action if we are to slow its progression. This is a time of uncertainty across our country and the globe and we must all do our part to curtail the spread of this virus. We will plan to reopen our resorts as soon as it is safe to do so, and we will continue to support our employees, guests, and communities in every way that we can during this period of closure.”

We echo this sentiment at Whitecastle Tours. At this time we understand that you need to stay home, stay healthy, and be part of the solution to the most serious public health crisis most of us have ever experienced. 

In time, this crisis will pass. We’ll move from a period of “social distancing” to a strong desire to get out of the house and interact with others. 

In fact, it’s likely that the downturn the Coronavirus is now causing will be followed by a boom once it’s safe to travel. How great will it be to get out to your favorite casino resort after staying home for weeks? 

Pretty great, no doubt. Plan ahead for the summer when things get going again; you might want to consider booking your summer trip now with Whitecastle Tours. 

In the meantime, do the right thing and stay healthy. We look forward to serving your bus charter needs again as soon as the virus scare is over. Like you, we are looking forward to that moment with great hope and anticipation.