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Enjoy the Big Game With An Easy Charter Bus Ride

Okay, the Raiders are moving to Vegas. The 49ers lost the Super Bowl. The Warriors era of dominance may be coming to an end. But the Sharks are due and opening day will be rolling around for the Giants.

The Bay Area is one very fun place to enjoy pro sporting events. Great venues, awesome teams, and enthusiastic fans. It’s one of the joys of our area.

But let’s face it. Getting to these events can be nothing short of traumatic. Traffic. Kids going crazy in the back seat. Traffic. Did we miss the turn?  That guy cut me off! How much is parking?

Did we mention traffic?

By the time you park and get ready to tailgate, you can’t because you’re late and the game is about to start. Not to mention you’re stressed and ready to drink way more beer than you should without a designated driver.

Well, this is part of the experience you sometimes have to endure. But if you have a group going to the game, why put everyone through this? As a group, you can save money and enjoy getting to and from the game if you charter a bus from Whitecastle Tours.

Let’s review some of the advantages of taking a charter bus to a sporting event.

  • No flipping a coin to decide who the designated driver is. With a professional bus driver at the wheel, your entire group can party to their heart’s content.
  • Traffic – let’s mention it. When you’re on a bay area bus charter you can check out the scenery, chat, play cards, have a beer, and look down on all the suffering drivers. There is no comparison between kicking it on a bus and fighting the infamous California traffic.
  • You don’t have to find or pay for parking! Charter buses park in their own designated areas, and they’re way closer to the stadium than the rest of the parking lot sprawl.
  • Free WiFi! Whitecastle Tours charter buses are equipped with WiFi. Check up on the stats, watch the pre-game shows, and start posting selfies.
  • Enjoy and indulge! Have a few beers, eat stadium food, and get rowdy. You can take a nap on the way back, relaxing in the comfort of our luxury charter buses.

It’s easy to book a charter bus to a sporting event with Whitecastle Tours. Just request a free quote with details of your trip.

And we forgot to mention, are you a Blazers, Sonics, Seahawks, or Mariners fan? Maybe you have a group of Duck alumni or you want to see Gonzaga basketball? We charter to the Pacific Northwest too. Let’s get to the game!