Enjoy the Arts and Entertainment of Reno 

When you book a Reno bus trip with Whitecastle Tours, we realize that hitting the casinos is the priority on your itinerary. Our Reno bus charter is designed as a tour of some of Reno’s top casinos. 

However, if you want to catch an Uber and see something else in the city for a few hours, Reno has some cool theaters that offer a wide variety of entertainment options. Here are some of the top choices.  

Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts

This historical theater was constructed in 1968 and is listed on the National Historic Register as an example of mid-century Populuxe architecture. It’s located in downtown Reno and offers a wide variety of shows including Broadway, ballet, and philharmonic.

Impossibles Magic Shop & Theatre

If the magic isn’t happening for you in the casinos, you might try this magic shop. The theatre is available for private events, birthday parties and magic lessons. This is a great place to check out some of the best magicians in Reno. 

Wingfield Park Amphitheater

This outdoor amphitheater is located in downtown Reno on an island in the Truckee River. It’s a great park to just relax at, or to catch a variety of local entertainers. 

Eldorado Showroom

The Eldorado Showroom is a major venue in Reno that offers top-tier entertainment. It’s located at the Eldorado Resort, which is part of the Reno bus trip itinerary we offer. It’s a cozy feeling venue that gives you the chance to feel close to major acts. 

Reno Little Theater

This intimate theater is well named; it’s a small, intimate venue that offers everything from Shakespeare to Jazz shows. Located just south of downtown. 

Good Luck Macbeth Theatre Company

If you want to see some of the most creative talent the Reno area has to offer, this small theater is the place for you. They stage innovative works, original pieces & classic productions.

Bruka Theatre

The Bruka is another community theater, located downtown just a block from the Truckee. They put on a lot of local productions, so this is a great place to get a feel for the Reno theater scene. 

Robert Z. Hawkins Amphitheater 

This unusual theater is located in Audrey Harris Park near I-580 and South McCarran Blvd. It’s nestled within the park among historical buildings and the nature of the park. You might catch anything from local music to cowboy poetry. 

When you book a Reno bus trip with Whitecastle Tours, you won’t miss the best casinos. We’ll get you to the Boomtown, Silver Legacy, Nugget, and Eldorado. 

But there is no doubt that grabbing a little local culture and even catching a sophisticated theater production is a great way to balance the sometimes overwhelming glitz of the casinos. Many of these theaters are within walking distance of downtown Reno, so if you’re in that area you might just stumble on one of them. A theater show is a great way to round out a tour of Reno.