The New Normal

We are settled into a new routine, meant to protect the health of our passengers and employees in a new era. Our professional motorcoach operators and coach cleaners self-evaluate for signs and symptoms of illness prior to reporting for duty. Motorcoach operators and all passengers are wearing face coverings on each trip we take. We have added additional hand sanitizers at the front of all our coaches. We ask anyone who is ill, or showing signs of illness, to stay at home and not travel until they are well again. Motorcoach operators use a no-touch forehead thermometer to check the temperature of each passenger before they board one of our casino-bound coaches. This service is also offered to clients on all our private charters as well.

Behind the scenes we are using new tools to clean and sanitize our coaches. Coaches are sanitized prior to each trip using Quatemary ammonium (EPA Reg. No. 10324-63). This is applied with a spray trigger device on high-touch surfaces such as handrails, seat arms, handles, and all lavatory surfaces.

Coaches are disinfected once a week with FRESH STARTâ„¢ antimicrobial (EPA Reg. No. 82972-1-90639). This disinfectant is applied to all areas of the coach using a fogging device. This includes the passenger area, lavatory, overhead bins, and lower luggage bays.

Although many businesses have had to close, we have adapted to the current environment. We are proud this has allowed us to safely continue providing transportation for private charters, professional sports teams, casino-bound gamblers, and several branches of our military. We are already planning vacation tours for summer 2021.

We look forward to continuing to provide a safe, professional, and comfortable environment for all your transportation needs. 

Happy Travels